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Super Glitch Games is an experienced team of game developers, based in Brighton, UK.

We are making AGR.A highly accessible Anti Gravity Racing game for mobile that stands out from the crowd through various USPs detailed in our materials below:

A quick read and summary of our ambitions, team, and project.

A more detailed look at our ambitions, team, and project.

If you want to connect, please us the calendly link above to arrange a call.

Core Team

Chris Green - Founder & Designer
A game design veteran with 18 years of experience developing across a variety of genres and a wealth of IPs, including Forza, Mafia, Star Wars, Disney Infinity Silent Hill, For Honor & Overlord. Chris has a passion for game and economy design and an established career spanning all aspects of game design with a focus on environmental design, mission scripting, and team leadership.

Joe Patience - Founder & Artist
An established game artist with 17 years of professional experience across an array of styles and genres. IPs include numerous Need for Speed titles, Harry Potter, Disney Infinity & For Honor. Joe has a healthy obsession with comparing himself to the greats and taking their learnings into the interactive format with his strong knowledge base of traditional and technical art.

James Hodgson - Founder & Engineer
An experienced game engineer passionate about blockchain and building for scalability. Recent AAA IPs are still under NDA and mobile titles include Forza and Hot Wheels. James builds for the future and has a healthy habit of always looking ahead. His thirst for knowledge extends across multiple languages and game engines.


Kent Byers - Advisor, 32-Bit Ventures
Kent has over 15 years of operations experience building studios and development teams. He's worked across all major entertainment mediums including; games, film, AR, VR, & live events, working on iconic brands such as Star Wars, Avatar, Transformers, Battle Angel Alita & Childish Gambino Pharos. Kent is also the creator of Civitas, a blockchain gaming project built in collaboration with founding members from the Eve Online and Battlefield franchises.

Jason Perkins - Advisor, 32-Bit Ventures
An avid supporter of early-stage blockchain startups since 2017. He co-founded OrionChain Research in 2018 and has since invested consistently as an angel alongside established funds, high-profile projects, KOLs, and HNWIs within the blockchain space. A seasoned entrepreneur, Jason brings a wealth of domain expertise and experience and has collaborated with FOX Sport, ESPN & The New York Post.

Quinn Abrahams - Advisor, 32-Bit Ventures
Quinn is a noted angel and seasoned crypto figure, investing and advising in the space since 2016. He is a partner at D64 Ventures; a DeFi and crypto-native fund, successfully sourcing various early-stage projects and leading notable raises. He brings a wealth of practical experience and substantial connections to the team having been involved in countless high-profile raises and successful investments through both bull and bear markets.

Siddhartha Rathod - Advisor, 32-Bit Ventures
Siddhartha is a partner at Rathod | Mohamedbhal LLC and has been a faculty member of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy since 2011 and served as Adjunct Faculty at the University of Colorado School of Law. He has won numerous awards including the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association Case of the Year an unprecedented three times consecutively. He has since turned his attention to decentralized advocacy and represents several projects in matters of legal and corporate strategy and structure.

Partners & Technology


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